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Below, you'll find information that will help you get to know me better - from awards and credentials I've achieved, to references from past clients.


I consider the satisfaction of my clients to be my greatest achievement, and take pride in my high volume of repeat business and referrals.

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Naomi Marvin

Casie is one of the most intelligent, kind, and well versed people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. The effort and commitment she puts in to serving her customers is unmatched. She is without question, an expert in her professional dealings. I am certain that she will maintain that level of expertise in any and all things she finds interest in.

Sandy Agatiello

I have had the pleasure of knowing Casie for 3 years. She is always well prepated, knowledgeable and professional while still being very warm, friendly and approachable. Her enthusiasm and passion for whatever she does will result in good relationships and successful business. I highly recommend Casie.

Scott Holden

I have known Cassie for over 20 years. She is very professional , kind, caring and puts her heart and soul into her intrests. She is honest, a very hard worker and she has always gone the extra mile for clients. She goes way out of her way to help others. I would recommend Cassie to everyone

Bill Robins

Any thing I’ve delt with casie on has been absolute professional very hard working and honest person .
I recommend her for all your needs

Heather Inglis

Casie is the perfect balance of professionalism and passion. I have worked with Casie on a number of projects and have admired her communication skills and work ethic.

Nancy Kendall

Professional and caring, can't wait for the adventure to begin. Having a realtor who takes a personal interest in my happiness, works hard on my behalf, Casie is an amazing person.

Debra Rondquist-Tuohey

Casie became part of our community about three years ago. She has contributed positively in so many ways. She successfully started a business that has now expanded to our downtown core. Casie has gotten to know her town and people. She is fun but always professional and confidential. I love her enthusiasm and go getter attitude. When I need to see Casie she always takes the time for me I feel listened to and important. I would 100% feel she would do her best for me as a client!

Marilyn Anderson

Oftentimes the largest financial investment one makes is in property and I know firsthand how truly vital it is to be able to fully trust the person that represents you in these transactions. When you choose Casie as your Realtor, I am confident Casie will be not only diligent and transparent but will also maintain professionalism and go the extra mile in negotiating the right terms on your behalf. It is my experience that Casie openly and honestly shares her knowledge and expertise to keep her clients informed and she takes her duty of accountability very seriously. You can’t go wrong with that level of commitment.

I am certain that Casie can and will provide superior real estate services that move you— literally!